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We have created links to the Southwestern District Connecticut Junior Soccer Association Website for all travel teams.  This site is NOT maintained by SYSL and may not be up to date until just before the actual season. The SWD CJSA site is usually updated before the fall or spring seasons.
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Travel Division

Travel is for players who achieve a level of play high enough to award him or her a place on a Travel team. 

There are two seasons for the Travel Program: Fall (Late August-November) and Spring (Late March-June).  Winter training is organized on a team-by-team basis. It is expected that children on a Travel team attend winter indoor training if it is organized by the team.

In order to participate on a Travel team, a child has to try out. Tryouts take place in October / November for the Spring season, and in May / June for the Fall season.  Details about tryouts are posted on this website and in local newspapers.  If a child has to miss a tryout session, parents are encouraged to contact the Travel team for that child to arrange for a make-up tryout (held at the discretion of the team coach). 

Fees for Travel tend to be higher than for house to accommodate the need for registering the child with the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association. Parents can also expect additional training fees to cover the cost of professional trainers.  At the U9 & U10 levels, SYSL subsidizes these training fees.  Registration fees do not cover the cost of uniforms.  At the beginning of a child's participation on a Travel team, a uniform kit is provided for each child on the team. These uniforms are NOT the property of the child, but are the property of the team. If a child leaves the Travel program, it is expected that the uniform will be returned to the team for redistribution.  In older age groups (U11 and above) there may be the need to purchase an additional uniform for away games.  The fees for these uniforms are NOT included in registration fees.  The total cost to play on a travel team is roughly $400/season exclusive of any additional uniform purchases.

In addition, members of the Travel Division also receive a free ticket to a New York Red Bull's game (parents, siblings and friends can also purchase tickets at a reduced rate from SYSL).

Behavior Expectations
As a Travel player, children represent SYSL and the City of Stamford in play all over Fairfield County.  As such a level of maturity and decorum is expected of children on these teams. In addition, a level of commitment is expected from both children and families to attend training and games.

At the U9 and U10 professional coaches and trainers are employed by the team to ensure fundamentals are the focus of the experience.  These are developmental levels.  At older ages, parent coaches are permitted, but teams may elect to continue to pay for a professional trainer.

Time in Games
The amount of time in a game for a child in Travel is not guaranteed. Game time is dependent on the level of effort, commitment and talent that is expressed by the child as recognized by his or her coach. 

For additional information about Travel Division, please see the Travel section of the Website.